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Looking for Aircraft Commander added by Jose A. Jaimes
I'm looking for the Aircraft Commander (Captain at the time) for the Bikini Blue #246, that was shot down in May of 68, during an insertion of a RVN team just South of Pleiku near Han Khe. I was the Crew Chief 'Jaime' to many of my fellow Bikini's, my door gunner was SP4 Carrolla, the Co-Pilot was a brand new W1, who just happen to join us and this was his very first flight in Country. We were on our 2nd trip back to the LZ when we were shot down, the AC - Captain ___________, had both his legs shot up with one round goin in on one of his buttocks. I remember him yelling at me to get his camera! After being med evac to the rear I/we lost track of him. I would like to know his name and more importatly for me his condition, I have wonder this for over 40 years.
14 January 2010

I was their too. added by Joseph M Roberts II
I was in the 170th from 10 Dec. 1965 to 12 Dec. 66.I was a door gunner on the slicks.
When we moved to Plieku (camp holloway)My aircraft No.was 13-812. My nick name was RA RA. I am in touch with Ron Muscar (ronnie the rat) he was in P.O.L. Please let me know when the next reunion is and where. Thank you my BROTHERS.
05 January 2010

Vigilante II aircraft tail number added by Bill Willing
The nose cone of BUC4 Vigilante II hangs in my shop above the beer frig in Anaconda, MT and is in prestine condition. The nose cone 'The Vigilane' is in the Montana National Guard Museum at Ft Harrison, MT. It was damaged and not repairable while on aircraft 66-036. The aircraft 036 was repairable but a new nose cone reading Vigilantee II had already been prepared and it was placed back on UH1C 66-036. I was the AC and Dave Hooper was the CE of 036.
18 December 2009

Recently Found Web Site added by Jose A. Jaimes Crew Chief
I found this Web Site totally by Accident, I Served in the 170th AHC from Nov 67 to Jan 70. I was a Crew Chief in the Blue Platoon most of 67 and 68 and then in 69 I was a Crew Chief in the Buc's. I checked the Roster and found my name misspelled, my rank was SP-5. I Crewed for Captain McDougal, Mr Sneed, Mr Farmer. SP 4 Carrolla was my Door Gunner when we were shot down in April 68, during an instertion of a Special Forces Team just South of An Khe. I have some slides and Super 8 Movies and willing to share.
05 November 2009

Serial #'s needed for 'named' copters added by John Brennan
Gentlemen, the following in-country 'named' 170th helicopters require a corresponding aircraft serial #. Can anyone fill this historical void? I'm presently assembling data for a future book, 'U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES & NOSE ART IN VIETNAM'. Thanks, John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta:
Ann, Barbara, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter II, Chuck You Farlie, The Coffin Dodgers, Drydock, Easy Flyer, Gail Sue, Gloria, Jeanie, Jo Michele, The Kid, The Mercenary, Nancy, The Pharaoh, Pusher Man, The Vigilante II, Widow Maker
24 August 2009

SOG reunion cookout added by Ron Sanders - 170th Crewchief 1969
On 7/25/09 I had the honor to attend a reunion hosted by Joe Parnar for SOG members living in Massachusetts. While there I received a copy of Joe's book: 'SOG MEDIC, Stories from Vietnam and Over the Fence'. Joe signed the book with the following inscription that I believe belongs to every member of the 170th.
'Thanks for your service and God Bless the 170th AHC. Many a SOG Recon man owe their lives to you guys. Thanks,
De Oppresso Liber'.
Joe Parnar
29 July 2009

Huey Rotor Blade Plaques added by Paul E. Bartlett
email |
Members Welcome Home!! I am Paul E. Bartlett 71st AHC Bien Hoa, Chu Lai 67-68. I make Huey Rotor Blade Plaques. Huey Rotor Blade cross-sections are inlayed in North American Hard Wood, with Laser images of Huey's and Patches, Inlayed information plate, Inlayed Challenge coins, Crew and Pilot wings available. Display a real cross-section of your Vietnam service with the pride. You are past due the recognition! Thank You For Your Service! Paul E. Bartlett
Your Location:: Stockbridge,MA
In the 170th?
Your Job, When, Where: 71st AHC,Maint. Officer,1967-1968, Chu Lai
Date: May - 23 - 2009 (Saturday) 12:00
28 May 2009

New 'BIKINIS and BUCCANEERS' dvd added by S. Koehn
email |
Hello All, and thank you for your service and sacrifice. I just wanted everyone to know that we have a new dvd available titled, 'Bikinis and Buccaneers' at www.vintagefilmarsenal.com. It's comprised of super 8mm home movies shot by an individual who flew on a Bikini Blue Huey, and later with the Buccaneers, during 1967-68. It runs about 1hr 40min in length. If anyone's interested, check out our website and read more about it. Thank You!
20 March 2009

MACV/SOG Presidential Unit Citation added by Henry Winther
170th News Item posted in 170th Forum.
MACV/SOG Presidential Unit Citation information and request proceedure...
Please read the instructions and request that your records are updated.
23 November 2008

Web Site Gallery Software Updated to Version 1.5.8 added by Henry Winther
Web Site Gallery Software Updated to Version 1.5.8
Updates at the latest version and fixes security issues
Contact me if you need a 170th Gallery User Id
to create and manage a photo album.
24 August 2008

170th Yearbook 1970-71 added by Ron Sanders - 170th Crewchief 1969
Our brothers at the 57th AHC have posted Yearbooks on their website. (www.57thahc.com) They have one for the 170th 70-71. The photos are black and white and in good condition.
11 August 2008

this is to the wives, added by Ian Oliver
Lady,s, the only reason we made it this far, is because of the loving, care and support, we got from our women,Behind every good man is a damn good woman.I enjoyed my day with you folks, and hope to do it again, this time bring my wife of 37 years,
10 August 2008

Reunion added by Ian Oliver
Anyone going to the reunion from northern California?If so maybe we could convoy!
29 July 2008

Just found reunion info. and web, DAV mag. (Jul/Aug. 08) . added by Robert W. Simon
Still living.
23 July 2008

Joe 'Roy' Vinzant added by William Vinzant
MY father served in the 170th, 52nd Avn Bn, 1st Bde. I belive he was with the first group to leave Fort Benning as he joined in Aug. of 65. I belive he was a Buccaneer. Dad died of cancer last summer, Aug.6,2007. Dad was diagnosed with cancer of the spine, liver and bone cancer all over. He had lost an eye to melanoma cancer a few years ago. If anyone could share some stories or pics of my dad, it would help our family greatly with our grieving. He was and always will be the greatest man I have ever known. God Bless each and every one of you American Heroes.
15 July 2008

MIAs added by ron middaugh
ive been contacted by a guy who is on a mia team looking for anyone who was on hill 875 in 67. if you know of someone that was their contact me for the guys address, he is active duty=ill send a copy of his email. Thanks--ronjeepsarecool@aol.com
22 May 2008

corrections to previous entry added by Bruce Price
date should have been June 70 to standown. address should be donna-bruce @live.com i was a Buc gunner
24 April 2008

I am a live added by bprice
Computer died 2 years ago,moving& other problems.Buc gunner from June 71 to standown.
21 April 2008

Great Site - Just Found It added by James J. Rudy
I flew slicks in the red platoon from June/66 to June 67 as a 1/LT/CPT. Would like to attend any future reunions after this year. Unfortunately, I am already committed (bought my plane ticket) for a fishing trip in Canada with Army friends during this year's reunion in St. Louis.
Currently 'retired' near Seneca, SC and do lots of hunting and fishing and volunteer work.
07 March 2008

Thanks for a great website...I just located it added by Charles M. Hickerson
Harry (Sparkie) Sparks and I were with the 170th when it shipped to Nam in '65...we camped just west of Quin Nhon while awaiting the helecopters to come off the carrier...during this time we flew with Dust Off to get country oriented...very exciting night flying...Sparkie called me a couple of days ago and told me about this site and the upcoming reunion in St. Louis...we are going...can't wait...Gary Langford was KIA at an LZ just south of Pleiku in early '66...
28 February 2008

Looking for teammates added by Dean Short
Was able to hook up with Paul Sarcletti last year and will visit with Terry Crawford this year. Visited with Bruce Westmorelands family when I got back in '69. Looking for Ernie Long (pilot), Kenneth Smith (maintenence), Sammie Smith (crew-chief) and anyone in 1st plt. Best wishes for all.
20 February 2008

Christmas Holidays Spent doing 170th Web Site Upgrades added by Henry Winther
Christmas Holidays Spent doing 170th Web Site Upgrades
New Forum Configured for use after continued hacker problems with YaBB
New Photo Gallery software being investigated
General Web Site Cleanup
26 December 2007

Guestbook email function restored to Operation 11/27/08 added by Henry Winther
email |
Signing the Newsboard or 170th Guestbook will once again send a reply to those that post and a notification of the posting to the website administrator. Feature was turned off due to abuse of the email function by internet hackers... The 170th forum and other applications will be upgrade to new versions that are more secure... keep an eye on the Newsboard for updated status...
28 November 2007

2007 - November Web Site Updates added by Henry Winther
email |
I am in the process of getting Guestbook email function working again.
Email feature was turned Off by web host due to mass mailing from the site
due to security loophole being exploted... I have turned off all sendmail
features and am Upgrading the various software packages to more secure versions,
Guestbook - Stays the same, Latest Version -, Newsboard - Stays the Same,
YaBB Forum and Gallery are getting Major Changes...
If you need something, let me know by email...
24 November 2007

Reunions added by James Fishburn
What about have one in the southeast SC or Ga I was with the 755 Med Detachment 01/68-01/69
21 September 2007

Helicopters after Nam added by Ian Oliver
email |
Are any of you guys still in Aviation?I,m crewing an Sikorsky S-61 on fires this year , this will be my 30th season, and it,s still fun ,
27 June 2007

Well explosion added by Ian Oliver
Does anyone remember when the Vietnamese were digging a well & some of the guys caused an explosion, by lighting ronson fluid down in the well and battalion thought we were taking incoming
25 May 2007 added by 26 March 2007
Looking for pilots names and ship #

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