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Searching for men who knew my father added by Lorena Apgar Hansen
My father, John M. Apgar was a member of the 170th and he flew Hueys. He served from 1965 when he graduated flight school from Fort Benning through June 1970. I think he was a junior officer while serving in Vietnam. I know very little of his time there as he rarely spoke of Vietnam. -- and only began talking about it a little during the final years of his life. He died of prostate cancer (due to Agent Orange) in 2008.
14 June 2013

June 8, 1968 - Shot down on Bikini Blue 246 added by Jose Jaimes
June 8, 1968 - I SP 5 JAIMES, along with Captain Newton (Curly Joe) WO-1 Phil Hill, and SP 4 Tom Carrolla were ambushed making our second trip out with a Mike Force being inserted just South of An Khe, Captain Newton had both his legs shot up and lost control of the ship, WO Hill was not able to grab the controls on time and we crashed landing almost upside down. Several of the troops were pinned under the aircraft, and after I shut off the engine by disconnecting the battery, both Tom and Phil assisted Cpt Newton off his harness and got him ready for evacuation. I kept bussy trying to dig out some of the baddly wounded troops and gathering our armament and belongings to take with us when our rescue ship came in. I found out many years later that Gene Roles was our saviour that day, who came after us in that god forsaken place, the elephant grass was so high and dense that I wonder how they were able to land to extract us, since our ship had taken up the small clearing that could only accomodate one ship at a time. To date I have not made contact with Captain Newton and do not have his current physical condition. Phil and I met at the 2010 Unit Reunion and Tom and I have had some contact in this past 3 or so years. Hope to see some of you this coming Reunion. SP-5 Jaimes
08 June 2013

Crew Chief 1969-70 also flew with the 129th AH for a year added by Robert A. Herrick
Retired army 1968 thru 1990 soon to retire Dept of Defense 1991 to present
14 January 2013

2012 St Louis Reunion - Information Updated - Guest Speaker added by Henry Winther
email |
2012 St Louis Reunion - Information Updated - Guest Speaker
2012 Reunion Information Page Updated
New Web Page Created for Guest Speaker: Col William S Reeder Jr
52nd CAB Member, 361st AWC Pink Panther Cobra Pilot, and POW
28 March 2012

170th Web Roster Updates Posted - 02/10/2012 added by Henry Winther
email |
Latest VHPA Membership Directory received and 170th Web Roster updated
Several New 170th Roster Entries! and sadly a few 'Died after Tour' updates
Roster Sort order checked and the misplaced items are now back in proper order
My Search of VHPA Directory by Unit shows that many of our 170th VHPA members
do not have their Unit Assignments with the 170th documented with VHPA...
It should be Worth the effort in contacting VHPA to get your records up dated...
11 February 2012

170th 2012 Reunion Information Posted added by Henry Winther
170th 2012 Reunion Information Posted
Main Page 2012 REUNION button and the 2012_Reunion Web page created
and now active - Watch for further updates on the Reunion Page
Start making your Reunion plans and Reservations now...
Early Hotel Reservations Encouraged - Don't miss out on the Special Rates, Do It Now!
We want to see you at St Louis in October - So Make it Happen
28 January 2012

Roster Up-dates added by Jose Jaimes
Henry, first I want to Commend you for the outstanding job that you are doing on the 170th AHC Web page. In browsing through the Roster I found a couple of names missing and I thought it would help if I mention it. The first one is Steve Henriquez, who was Sam Murray's Door Gunner and was at the 2010 St Louis Reunion, he was also part of the group interviewed in Angels From Above Movie. The Second name is Minihiro Inouye, he was the Company Clerk around late 68 and late 69, Mini, as we use to call him was very low key, but very smart- he is a Professor who teaches at El Camino State College, in Southern California. In his spare time in Nam he also Taught some classes at the AirForce Station in Pleiku, he was drafted just before getting his teaching credentials I believe. Hope this Helps - Also what happen to Captain Douglas McDougal if anyone knows have him contact Henry to up-date the Roster.
27 January 2012

170th Web Roster Updates Posted - Now Current to VHPA Status added by Henry Winther
170th Web Roster Updates Posted - Now Current to VHPA Status
Completed update of all members listed in VHPA 2010 membership directory
(Living) * denotes no recent contact with 170th members
(Living) * xx/xx denotes initial contact or updated to recent date of reunions attended
no VHPA info denotes there is no match to the existing 170th entry
Please email any updates needed
24 January 2012

Vietnam Veterans added by Kevin Dutton
email |
Hello, my name is Kevin, i live in Manchester, UK, and i'm 10 years old.
I have 2 websites that i have made. The first 1 is mainly about the UH-1H helicopter, that website is http://hueyfanclubuk.weebly.com/index.html
But now i have a second one, this is to honour the Vietnam Veterans.
Please remember, my age (10) so dont expect too much.
11 January 2012

WELCOME BACK HENRY added by Michael J. Donegan cwo 1967-1968
To : Henry Winther, I was worried you might not be back to keep this site functional. So glad to know you are still ' on duty '. Hopefully, a line of future recruits can be established to carry on the efforts you and a few others have provided to keep our unit memories alive. It may be time for some of the BIKINI sons and daughters to hold the light for those of us now passing into darkness.
08 January 2012

170th Gallery Software Updated - Operation Restored added by Henry Winther
Gallery2 software upgraded and operation restored,
tons of spam contents cleaned from the existing entries
Gallery2 software upgraded again to latest 2.3.1 version
settings configured to eliminate spam comments
Import of previous Gallery Albums underway,
Please Pardon the Dust as I get things organized...
Contact Me if you have access problems,
All existing account password are being reset
to allow cleaning and testing of each User's Gallery Albums
07 January 2012

170th Web Roster Updates Posted added by Henry Winther
Updates to Roster Status ongoing project
Died After Tour status now matches reported information from VHPA
As I have contact with 170th members I will work to update them to current dates
If you have any doubts on us having your current address / contact details - send it...
A 170th Reunion Postcard mailing will be done and needs your correct current address
05 January 2012

170th Movie 'Angels From Above' Web Page Created added by Henry Winther
170th Movie 'Angels From Above' Web Page Created
Order Form Available as Download
Links to Angels From Above YouTube links provided
along with MWave downloads of the videos
Angels From Above - Do It Yourself Movie Poster available for Download
27 December 2011

170th Web Site Updates Underway added by Henry Winther
Starting my 2012 News Years Resolutions Early
Updates to 170th Web Site are Underway
Application Software Update to Current Versions / in progress
170th Web Roster Status Made Current as of 12/25/11
Status Check / Replies to old emails / in progress
2012 St Louis Reunion - Oct 4,5,6,7 / Update Web Site Reunion Section / Pending
'Angels from Above' 170th Movie / Update Movie Page / Order Information / Pending
26 December 2011

170th Hatpins added by Gary Odom
Brothers - several old Bikinis got together in Orlando at VHPA in July and decided to fund a nice 170th hatpin for anyone who might want one. I had one on my hat I had brought home in '69 and it looked like it had been made from a beer can. Anyway, we got 100 made and are offering them to the guys...they turned out really nice! This is a not-for-profit project and we hope to use any profits to fund a Buc pin next; then a 1st and 2nd lift Platoon pins; then maybe a 52 Battalion pin. If you want one or a few, shoot me an email for ordering info. Welcome home, Brothers.
25 August 2011

Angels From Above, The Movie added by Jose Jaimes
I received my DVD's Angels From Above, the 2011 Version which comes in 3 DVD's and if you have not order yours, you are missing out. Terry Miller and all the persons that assisted him did a great job. Editing and putting all this work together is not an easy task, I commend him for all his hard work and to all that provided him with your memories because without them, all the pictures and old movies would have just dissapeared in old shoe boxes like mine almost did.
08 August 2011

Vinh Son Orphanage added by Patrick Leary
email |
Great web site. I served in the 189th AHC in 1968. I am now on the Board of Directors of Friends of Vinh Son Orphange. We help support 750 Montagnard kids in Kontum and Plieku. The Vinh Son Orphanages are located by the old French Church in Kontum .. still a magnificent church. Please check Our web site www.friendsofvso.org I thought, especially you guys, would be interested in what we are doing.
30 June 2011

Honoring all 170th AHC Members added by Jose Jaimes
I'll like to pay Tribute to all my brothers from the 170th AHC, Bikinis and Buccaneers, who served in Vietnam. Specially those that payed the ultimate price. June 8th is also a special date for me, is the anniversary when we were shot down in Bikini 246-Curly Joe, Phill Hill, Tom Carolla and yours truly.
29 May 2011

Thinking of Joe added by Jim Dever
I had the honor of working with Joe Harrilla door gunner 170th AHC. Thinking about you this Memorial Day weekend and the stories you shared. I hope you are doing great Joe. You can contact me at jim.dever@usa.com. God Bless the members of 170th AHC and all the men and women that served in the United States Armed Services.
29 May 2011

searching for the kid added by joe scott
Yes Joe herria I'm the on that was their with Fred Schwartz send me you e'mail address and I'll drop you a line.
11 February 2011

1969/1970 Crewmembers of the 170th A.H.C. added by Larry McLamb
Just found this site. After reading all the entries made everything is still very clear, those unforgotten memories and the people I served with. I also found out that I've missed reunions and other functions over the years. How do I catch up??? Just to catch you guys up,I flew as a crewchief on Bikini 222, 623 until joining the Buc's and got my patch after getting my cherry broke flying as gunner with Sp/4 Daniels. Finished my tour flying with Buc 6 (Cpt. Knight)at Kontum. Would be gratefull to anyone knowing his whereabouts. So many others, we were young and grew up fast a long way from home, our famlies were our fellow soldiers in which we will never forget. How do I get copies of movies that have been made over the years?
23 January 2011

January 24th Anniversary added by Jose Jaimes
Jose Chavez, thanks for including me in the 170th AHC Group, is not a day goes by that I don't think about the day your Uncle Sp4 John O. Tafoya and the rest of the Crew, Sp4 Westmoreland, WO-1Griswold, WO-1 McDonnell Crashed in a Buccaneer Gunship. I guess is Survivors guilt because that was supposed to have been my mission, but because I was late getting back to my Unit, after having been delayed down south when I returned from my 30 day leave, because I extended my Tour in Vietnam. As you know I payed tribute to John, this past Memorial day, I went to Santa Fe, N.Mexico and visited his grave at the National Cemetary, and I plan to Visit the rest of the Crew's also, I feel that it's my way and duty to Honor them.
22 January 2011

Meeting Place for All added by Jose Chavez
Hello All, my name is Jose Chavez and my Uncle was John Olivio Tafoya, he served in Vietnam with the 170th Ahc as a clerk and door gunner and was shot down on the 24th of January 1969. Through the help of this board and numerous others, specifically Jose Jaimes I have found out so much about my Uncle. I wanted to do something for everyone to show my appreciation and decided that with today's technology not everyone knows about this amazing websight however the majority of people remain in contact with friends and family through facebook, so I created a group on facebook in the hopes of providing a place where you all could meet up, post pics or search for long lost comrades. I hope it is something that will you will enjoy and if it helps just 1 person reunite it was worth it. just go to www.facebook.com and search for 170th ahc. thank you all for your help and service.
22 January 2011

Happy Holidays to All!! added by Jose Jaimes
I just wanted to wish all my fellow Comrades that served with me in Vietnam during my two tours with the 170th AHC from November 1967 to January of 1970, and also to those that were there before and after I left, a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2011. Hopefully we can reach 2012 for our next Reunion.
26 December 2010

Still alive and kicking added by joe scott
i was crewchief in the 1st and Buc plt in 67-68. i still have my tailrotor blade that Mr Sneed painted for me . i'm glad i found this web site like to hear from some you guys.
23 November 2010

awards added by roger stockham
got an idea: (if our webmaster is up to it): add a tab to our homepage that will allow us to post citations, medals, awards.
17 November 2010

Looking for information on my Father added by Steven Welch (son of Joe Welch)
To all,I am looking for information on my father, Joe Welch. He was in the 170th in '68 and '69 I think. He is alive and doing well, although he suffered a stoke in 2003. He has really never be able to tell me what he did or what it was like in Vietnam. I was hoping someone new him and could shed some light. I purchased the video for him and showed him this sight, unfortunatley his memory isn't so good on remembering the names of his friends. Please email me at: welch44@hotmail.com if you have any stories or information. Thank you
07 September 2010

Bikini Blue 246 Anniversary added by Jose A. Jaimes
I was the Crew Chief of UH-1H Tail#67-17246 that was shot down on June 8, 1968. I had the day confussed with May 28, 1968. A few weeks off!, but thanks to Phil Hill, the new Co-pilot on board straightened me out. SP4 Thomas Carolla was my door gunner, thanks Tom for remembering. Hopefully someone (Pilots Speak Up)can remember where the A/C Captain 'Curly' Joe Newton the Blue Platoon Leader, went to or know of his where-abouts.
14 June 2010

Bikini Blue 246 added by Tom Carolla
Today is the anniversary of Bikini Blue 246,That went down 42 years ago today,I want to say hello and wish the best to all the crewmen that where on board that day.
08 June 2010

Memorial Weekend Tribute added by Jose Jaimes
I had the Honor of visiting Santa Fe New Mexico National Cemetery this past week-end to pay tribute to a fallen comrade, SP4 John O. Tafoya. John along with WO-McDonnell, WO- Griswold and SP4 Westmorland the Crew Chief were killed on January 24, 1969, in a Buccaneer Gunship. I found about John's final resting place from his Nephew Joe Chavez. Now I'm in search for the other three Crew Members, if anyone has information on their final resting place, please contact me at: josejaime47@hotmail.com
02 June 2010

170th Company Clerk added by Jose Jaimes
Hello Gary, thanks for the update on Minihiro Inoye, I visited him after my tour, he had left about a month prior to my DEROS, but I lost track of him, if you know a way to contact him let me know: my e-mail is josejaimes47@hotmail.com - Good to hear from you.
04 May 2010

PROBLEMS WITH THE GALLERY added by Gary H. Pecherkiewicz
Good to hear from you Jose after after 41 years! I hope that all is well with you! I have contacted both Henry Winther and John Warnick via email about this Gallery problem, but as of this date I have yet to hear back from either of them. I hope that this minor problem will be resolved so that we can all view and add new photos to the Gallery. By the way, I recently located and talked to Minehiro Inouye, the former 170th AHC company clerk. He is a professor at El Camino College in California. Richard Harty and I have been keeping in touch with visits and emails for some time now also.
03 May 2010

Photo Gallery Problem added by Jose Jaimes
For some reason the Photo Gallery is not accessible for quite a while, I have been trying to view and is responding with 'not accessible at this time, try later' message. At first I thought mayble it was being updated, but now I see several others are also concerned. If you need to post some photos you can contact Henry Winther, he posted my photos, because I didn't want to mess-up the Web site.
30 April 2010

PROBLEMS WITH THE GALLERY added by Gary H. Pecherkiewicz
I have tried repeatedly to access the the photos in the Gallery without any success. I also have photos that I would like to upload to the Gallery. If anyone knows how to do either of these tasks it would be appreciated.
29 April 2010

Door Gunner Tom Carolla added by Jose Jaimes
I found the door Gunner for Bikini Blue #67-17246, that was the Huey that was shot down back in 1968. I was the Crew Chief SP-5 Jaimes, Tom (SP-4 Carolla), Co-Pilot WO-1 Phil Hill and Aircraft Commander Captain Edward 'Curly Joe' Newton. Tom found some old photos of the Crashed Huey and sent them to me. We are still looking for Cpt Newton though, he was medevac to the rear and never to be heard from him or his final disposition. Any one knows of his whereabouts please post.
07 April 2010

Bikini Blue added by roger stockham

I was bikini 10, then bikini blue in 68. Phil Hill and John Penny are a couple of my favorite memories, but I don't recall who you're looking for. Try asking Bob Byrne, I think he's part of our network.
01 April 2010

Looking for Bikini Blue #246 Door Gunner Tom Carrolla added by Jose A. Jaimes
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tom, please contact me at josejaimes47@hotmail.com ### I have been looking for Tom for a while. Tom and I were shot down in June 68, in a Bikini Blue Huey, I was the Crew Chief, Tom the Door Gunner, Phil Hill The Co-Pilot and I just found out that Captain Curly Joe Newton was the A/C at that time. I'm still trying to locate Cpt Newton, hope we get some help here.
19 February 2010

CPT Edward J. 'Curly Joe' Newton added by Roger Weaver
I am looking for Curly Joe, also. Keep me apprised of your progress.
Bikini 19/Buc 3
Roger and OUT
18 February 2010

Response to Phillip Hill added by Jose A. Jaimes
Phillip, I got the message and I'm happy to hear from you, thanks for the update, I had wondered about Captain Newton? for so long and at least I can place a name on the face thanks to you, stay in contact buddy.
09 February 2010

Answer for Jamie's message Dated 14Jan10 added by Phil Hill
I was the new W-1 on A/C-246 . It was not my 1st Mission..I had been there a week.
Capt Curly Joe Newton was the A/C and 1st Platoon leader. I never heard from him again.
His leg was pretty bad. Both of you guys should have been awarded at least a Silver Star.
We were under fire for a long time before we got out. The helicopter was up-side-down with two Yards pinned under. I had a bad hand and leg. I watched as you guys lifted
the helicopter like a log and pull those guys out. Saved their lives..
08 February 2010

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