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Passing of my Father, Carlton E. Herndon added by Lindsey Herndon Jeffrey
Hello all, I wanted to share the sad news of the passing of my Father Carlton E. Herndon (best helicopter pilot Vietnam ever saw) :-). Daddy passed away 1/3/18 after complications from pneumonia. Daddy has been sick for a couple years and hasn’t been able to get out much, but he really wanted to try and re-connect with his fellow Bikini Red pilots and crew. I joined the Facebook page earlier today and will send some photos of him in case any of you may remember him. Daddy joined the Army Feb. 4th 1964 and served 2 tours in Vietnam (67’ and 69’). Daddy retired as Major, and during his time of service he’s been a MP, UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra pilot, flight instructor and conducted accident investigations for crash sites. After 20+ years of service Daddy retired from Ft. Rucker in 1984. Daddy’s memorial service will be held at Holman Mortuary in Abbeville, Al this coming Monday 1/8/18 at 11:00am CT, with visitation starting at 10. I’d love love to meet any of you if you live in the area and can make it. He would really love that. ❤️
06 January 2018

170th A.H.C. Facebook Group added by Ron Sanders
Increase your connection options. If you are a Facebook user join the 170th Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/170thahc/
05 April 2017

Looking for Harry Spira- My crew chief- 1967 (#963) added by Thomas Reeves, Colonel U.S.A. Retired & Master Army Avaitor
Would really like to speak w/Harry Spira, my Crew Chief on 21 & 22 March, 1967, when I received the Distinguished Service Cross, and he received the Distinguished Flying Cross. We both flew for the 170th !I live in the mountains of NE Tennessee. My phone # is (423) 743-3493 My door gunner was 'Ople' (last name)
01 April 2017

Special forces camp added by jeff eick
Hi, my name is Jeff Eick, I was in the Buccaneers (Buc 9) in Aug 1966-Aug 1967. I was a pilot WO 1. In the early part of 1967 the 170th sent two gunships to a special forces camp north of Dak To. I spent two months assigned to the special forces but I can’t remember the name of the camp. It had a small airstrip and was at the base of some big mountains jump off point to Laos. Supported by ARVN CH-34's. The only other name I can remember was WO Beasley. WO Star Elton was there as well. Anyone have any idea the name of the camp.
28 February 2017

Gallery ( pictures)? added by Ian Oliver
Where have they gone and will they be reported ? And could I get a copy of one I'm in?
19 November 2016

Correction - Hotel Email Address added by Ron Sanders
The correct Email address for the Candlewood Suites in Enterprise, Al is kwaters@rohmhotels.com
01 August 2016

The 170th Assault Helicopter Company came to be 50 Years Ago! Now, It is time for you to act so that you can be there when the 170th dedicates the new memorial to the service of the men who fought and died under the Guidon of the best combat Aviation Company in the Vietnam War!
The new monument at Ft. Rucker Alabama will memorialize the 45 who died while wearing the Bikini patch between 1966 when the unit was formed until 1971 when it disbanded.
At Ft. Rucker Alabama at 10 am.
The Committee will have a bus to take you from the hotel onto the base and back again.
The Candlewood Suites
203 Brabham Drive
Enterprise Alabama
The hotel has set aside a limited number of rooms. We managed to get them at a nightly rate of $80 Dollars plus tax. Rooms are on a “first come first served” basis so don’t delay! You must let the hotel know if you want a smoking room.
We MUST KNOW that you are coming no later than the last day of August!
Amenities include in-room cooking (the hotel has eggs and bacon, drinks and other supplies if you wish to cook in your room), a meeting room for the 170th, WIFI, etc. There are a number of well known restaurants nearby. Check out the Hotel website. If you fly in, Dothan Airport has daily flights at reasonable cost.

• 1300- Check in begins with both the hotel and the Memorial committee in the lobby of the hotel.
• 1300 - Outdoor Gazebo will be open to congregate, have a cold drink and talk with friends.
• 1830 - A buffet “Welcome reception” at a local enterprise Alabama restaurant (Location TBA).
• 0900 - A bus will transport attendees from the hotel to Ft. Rucker.
• 1000 - The memorial program will begin. You will have seats under a tent. Dress Casual.(Probably going to be warm)
• 1145 - A light catered lunch after the ceremony.
• 1300 – First bus tour of Ft. Rucker to include the flight line and First Aviation Brigade Headquarters and other sites we old flyers will find interesting
• 1430 - Second Bus tour of Ft. Rucker to include the flight line and First Aviation Brigade Headquarters and other sites we old flyers will find interesting.
• (A tour of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum will take an hour or two depending on you. That tour is self guided and will be at your convenience.)
• 1600 – Bus heads back to the hotel.
• 1900 – Outdoor catered cook out at the hotel in the Gazebo area on the side of Candlewood Suites.
September 24 Saturday
• Hotel Check out
((*Note: Because of the terror situation, bases like Rucker are on heightened security so vetting and clearance may be required. If you plan to go on base in your own car, plan on a delay of 15 minutes to half an hour.))
To help us keep track of the number of Bikinis who are coming please Click on the email address below and simply included your name, Call Sign, Year your served and the number of friends or family coming with you. Then hit “Send”.
29 July 2016

News updates added by Jose A Jaimes
We just got back from the 170th AHC Mini Reunion held in Reno Nevada, it was great to see some new faces from the Bikinis and of course the Buccaneers. Joe Morales was there and Kent Harper also Patrick Barrett and Gene Roles I was hoping to see a larger turn out of Bikinis but all in all it was great to catch up on all times. On a Sad note I just heard that Joe Chaplin passed away, RIP my brother Bikini.
10 July 2016

LTC Harry 'Sparkie' Sparks added by Morgan Cannon
We know of a story where LTC Harry Sparks rescued men in a helicopter that was shot down. I would love to hear from someone that knows any details of this event. Any stories of LTC Harry W. Sparks would be greatly appreciated!
Harry Sparks is my grandfather who now has dementia and my family has been trying for years to keep up with his war stories. Thanks in advance!
04 July 2016

Still Around added by David Hooper
Just wanted to check in - its been awhile and I had to change my email address awhile back - I got 'hacked'. New email address is below. Still in the Maryland area, still working - government job.
24 May 2016

Donation for 170th at Ft Rucker added by Gary L. Knight
Made a $500 donation in the name of CW2 Brian DeVaney, '69-'70, my gunship mentor
Let's get this tribute built...
Gary Knight CPT/CW4 USA (Ret)
28 April 2016

Gallery added by George Kasowski
Still can't get on the gallery. I hope some one can fix it.
26 February 2016

Dave Hooper search added by Ron Sanders
I tried emailing you about Dave but your address doesn't transmit.
19 February 2016

CE search added by Mark Oury
I tried to contact Dave Hooper by email, address was not recognized, may have a new one.
Dave, if you see this please contact me. Want to talk nose art.
If anyone knows where I can find Dave's email let me know.
Mark Oury-BUC 9-The Mercenary Buccaneer 66-15174
27 January 2016

Passing of Jimmy Orr added by Jose Jaimes
December 20, 2015 Jimmy's Daughter announced that he had passed, Jimmy and I were Crew Chiefs at both in the first platoon and later in the Bucs. JR as we all knew him was one of the best, RIP Brother Bikini.
22 December 2015

Passing of William L. (Larry) Schultz added by Dale Schultz
My oldest Brother Larry Schultz died in September, 2015. He was a proud member of your elite Assault Helicopter Company. He served four tours in Vietnam and was a Door-Gunner as well as a Crew Chief for the Bikinis. He rarely ever talked about it, but I learned enough to know he was a true American Army hero.
22 November 2015

2015 Reunion added by Ron Sanders
There have been some inquires about the next reunion. George Crawford sent a message out the end of August and it looks like not everyone got it. George said, 'With the concurrence of the members of the Bikini Reunion Committee in attendance in Washington DC last week, the October 2015 Bikini reunion, St Louis, is postponed to late October, 2016, tentatively again in St Louis.'
02 October 2015

2015 Reunion? added by Gary Odom
Is there a reunion this year...haven't heard a word about it, only rumors.
27 August 2015

Is there a reunion scheduled for October 2015? added by Ken Roth
Checking to get details on reunion in St Louis. Hopefully it is still on.
20 August 2015

Reunion 2015 added by Sam Grimes
Is the 2015 reunion still on for October 2015 in St Louis, MO?
03 August 2015

still here added by Johnny R Duvall
I was in the 170th in 1967 I went to Vietnam in May 1967 with the 189th and was rotated to 170th shortly after i started in the bikinis and later to the buccaneers then in early in Nov.I was rotated to Kontom spent the rest of my tour there Cougar gun ships
29 July 2015

Searching for other's who were in my unit added by Roberto Heredia
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for other's who served along side of me from 1970-1971 in Kontum & Pleiku. I'm originally from Bakersfield, California but now reside in Arizona. Please feel free to contact me via email which, I check frequently.
08 July 2015

James E 'Tim' Thompson Gunner Bikini Blue 1967 added by Jill Hayner-Thompson
email |
My husband passed away April 20, 2015 of Agent Orange Presumptive Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have some pictures he kept of Camp Holloway and there are a few faces of some of his fellow crew members in a few of them. Would you like me to post those? Please let me know. As I have read the 'pages' of this site I have been comforted to know that during this terrible time of his youth that he was in the company of such brave and wonderful brothers...
08 June 2015

Another brother lost! added by Carl Archer
Reminder to all that we also lost Buc gunner Rex Morris in March 2014.
26 May 2015

the passing of another hero added by Don Dixon 'Dix'
I'm sorry to inform you of the passing of Gary Ott 'otter'.His daughter called last night to tell me that Gary was found deceased in his home in Columbia Falls,Mont.on May 1st.His memorial will be 5/7/15.God rest his soul,he was a great friend and brother
05 May 2015

I'm Still Alive! added by Colonel Thomas M. Reeves
Hey fellow Bikins'! I'm still alive and enjoying an active life in Erwin, Tennessee. Deep in the N.E. Tennessee mountains. A happy & peaceful 50th Vietnam 'birthday' to all of you. God Bless- Tom Reeves, Master Army Aviator
04 April 2015

Page 3 , gallery photo Ian Oliver 1968/69 added by Ian Oliver
I'm trying to figure who entered the gunners picture. Added my name ! It wasn't me just curious? Oliver61@att.net
16 January 2015

chris greening and others from the bucs added by mike marmon
email |
hi, hope all is well, just seen your name on this web site ,thought i would say hi
30 November 2014

Passing of William F. Stratton added by Linda Stratton
My brother, William F. Stratton (Kontum '70)passed away January 2014. We spent many evenings talking about his time in the 170th. He was very proud of his service and often wondered how those he serviced with in Nam were doing.
12 November 2014

From Drydock6 to all who served and are still hanging in added by Charles Kernodle
Sorry to hear about the passing of some of us. Time does conquer all. It has been a long time since I was there Feb 69-Feb 70, but I remember all I served with, mostly. Just checking in. Living in NC and enjoying my retirement. Great site honoring the guys.
Will catch you all later, Cpt K.
08 October 2014

Chris Greening added by William H (buddy) Yocke
Hey Chris, Buddy here, yes I'm alive, glad to see you are also. How is Croony? Been checking out the web site are and really enjoy it. My wife and I hoping to get to the reunion this year. Do you have the info for this. I's great to talk again, I would like to phone you, when you get this let's try and set up a way for me to call. See ya man! Buddy Yocke
26 May 2014

loosing bikinis added by Jose A Jaimes
On a sad note to all Bikinis, we have lost several more Bikinis and brothers, the passing of Randy Brooke, cpt and James Rudy, LTC Retired.
21 May 2014

The Passing of Gary Langston, Slick Pilot 170th in 1965-66, added by Gary Langston, Jr
Hi all - a note that my father Gary Langston passed on 12/16/2013; his interment at Arlington will be today, March 3, 2014. He was very proud to have served with the 170th, so I thought I would post a link to his obituary here. I do have some photos and notes that I could post, if desired. BikiniRed66. Regards, Gary Langston, Jr.
03 March 2014

Seeking old Bikini and Buc members added by Chris Greening
Hello All! I hope that any and all of you reading this are well, hale and hearty. I just recently ran across this site and I am seeking to make contact with any and all that remember me from my time with the 170th, mid 69 to early 70. I was initially assigned to Bikini Blue for six weeks at which time I requested assignment, and was granted, to the Buc's. My AC was Al Barthelme(Buc 7-KIA) and his wing man most of the time was BJ Devaney(Buc 9-KIA) and my crew chief was William (Buddy) Yocke(still living I hope). I would like to make contact with any that was in the 170th during that time. I would also like to know if I can gather info for the next reunion. Chris Greening
05 February 2014

locate my house added by George Kasowski
I was in the first hooch back in '69' and I built a model house from balsa wood. If you go to the galley you can see a picture of it. When I was rotating back to the states, I couldn't put it in my hold baggage so I was going to blow it up. Some guy was walking by and asked if I wanted to sell it instead. I don't know who that was. The reason I'm writing this is to see if any one out there knows who that person was. If it's you? Please e-mail me. I would like to know if it still in one piece.
Keep the Faith
16 January 2014

Passing of Ronald Dean Middaugh added by Julie MIddaugh
It is with great sadness that I tell you that my husband, Ron, passed away unexpectedly on Sat. Dec. 12, 2013. He was proud of his service with the 170th in Vietnam 1969-70 as a crew chief. This past September we attended his first last reunion of the 170th in St. Louis and he had a marvelous time reminiscing with several of you.
If there is any honor to which he is entitled, please let me know. His ashes will be buried at the Houston VA National Cemetery.
27 December 2013

New data added by Roger Stockham
Address: 367 St.Paul St. #13
Phone: 802/557-1242
Email: bikini401@gmail.com
16 December 2013

Test Test Test 12/14/13 added by Henry
Test Newsboard Functions
14 December 2013

Great Guys & Courteous Too... added by Jack Curry
Hi, On 29Sep13 my 1SG (wife) and I were with other family at the Pear Tree Inn Air Port in St. Louis, MO. We went next door to a restaurant and there gathered were five of your members who were attending your reunion. They recognized the Viet Nam Service Ribbon on my cap and we struck up a conversation. They all came over to our table to shake hands and meet our family when they left. My uncle who flew the old F-86 during the Korean War and my aunt and my wife all appreciated their courtesy to us. It is great you men are able to gather and share your memories, both good and bad. THANKYOU for your service.
Jack Curry, 1ID Graves Registration 67-68/Retired Mortician & Retired 23 yrs. active & reserve
01 October 2013

2013 Reunion added by Jose Jaimes
Just returned from the first/last 170th AHC Reunion, after a long day Sunday flying from St Louis to Sacramento California. What a Reunion - had a great time since this was my second reunion that I have attended, good and bad memories were shared by all, also saw some of the Bikinis and Bucs that had not seen in over 40+ years. Henry as always you go out of the way to provide the best props and displays and refreshments!! I like that blond in that two piece Bikini too. I have to say we need to have another Reunion before we are all gone....to all that attended and those that didn't it was a great Reunion.
30 September 2013

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