"Annie Fannie"

Annie Fannie Nose Artwork
This is her story as she pirouetted, through all manner of manuevers
while fighting for survival of troops and flight crews from
1965 through 1971 in the Central Highlands and the Lowlands of Vietnam.

Yea! Indeed!
From the Mang Yang to Heavy Drop!
From the Delta to the DMZ!
The "BIKINI'S" Were There!

The following is "prologue" to the naming of the "Bikini's."

Major Seamon "Bud" J. Molkenbuhr, Jr. was the first commanding officer of the "Bikinis."
The story goes something like this;

Major Molkenbuhr rationalized that since the unit must have a "combat" name
and those slicks appeared to be so vulnerable going into a combat zone
-- naked and exposed -- yes, that was it!
A scantily clad lady was chosen to mark the lead for the Bikinis.

And Since Major Molkenbuhr had worked for Playboy Magazine in civilian life,
the cartoon character of "Little Annie Fannie" was chosen as our display model for the Bikinis!
------------ thats as best as I can remember as it was told to me ------------

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