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06/21/03 Chicago 170th Get Together

06/21/03 Chicago - 170th Members do a Second Get Together
Dennis Durak (69-70) and Henry Winther (70-71)

Dennis Durak at Orland Park, IL - 06/21/03
Dennis and Pam Durak at Orland Park, IL - 06/21/03
Dennis and Pam Durak at Orland Park, IL - 06/21/03
Henry and Jan Winther at Orland Park, IL - 06/21/03

Dennis had gotten some of his Vietnam Era pictures organized for use on the 170th Web Site and extended an invitation to have a BBQ at his place and pass along the items he had ready. What better way to do a Second Get Together, and to Celebrate the 1st Day of Summer. (Pagan Ritual)... With Dennis and Pam doing the Meal, we brought the beverages and snacks, and some of my latest internet finds, ebay purchases, and results of my efforts put forth on 170th projects.
Discussion points of: Current 170th Membership Forms, updating the Midwest Membership List, a desire to hold a Chicago 170th Mini Reunion, when?, what activities?, Mini Reunion still at discussion stage but others are encouraged to supply their thoughts on the project.
EBAY Drag Alongs included a Garden Whirley Gig that is a Loach OH-1 Copter, Movie props from "When We Were Soldier's" and a complete UH-1H Tail Rotor that I'm working on turning into a display piece.
Dennis is into R/C aircraft and showed us the results of flying in "the Windy City"... "Toothpicked" was the term he used... just save the radios and start over....
Evening passed quickly and we gathered up Dennis's Photos and Documents and left a few of my "Book and Flash Card finds" for him to explore as exchange. Watch for a photo album of his pictures, his tour spanned the Pleiku to Kontum move of the 170th so there are lots of early Kontum construction pictures. Another unique item is the 170th doing the construction of a Church that Dennis was a major help with. Shooting to have these done this week...
We wrapped things up late, and I hope Dennis didn't suffer at work the next day, he works weekend days so scheduling our meetings follows whenever he can handle it.
A bit of a drive to get back home, but late night hour meant less traffic to deal with...
We Had A Fun Time... looking forward to meeting #3