Corky Trinidad: Autograph's a Second Encores Copy ! !

My EBAY searches have taken me everywhere, and I recently found a copy of "Nguyen Charlie" Encores edition offered. After doing the purchase, I did a Internet Search (my favorite is Google) to see what the latest internet status on "Nguyen Charlie" was, and if the 170th "Nguyen Charlie" cartoons were still high in the search results. I was surprised to see mention of a Book Store on Corky Trinidad's web site... Visiting the site I discovered that more "Encore issues" were available at a much lower cost than my recent EBAY Purchase... so to lower my per unit costs, I just had to purchase some more... Four more were ordered and they arrived quickly, but a few days passed before I was checking them over prior to storing them until they become gifts to some lucky 170th member at a future unit reunion. Just By chance, I noticed that one issue had been autographed and personalized for me...
a Pleasant Surprise in that
1. Corky had Spotted or Handled my order
2. That he recalled me and the 170th
3. and that he would do it as a Surprise.

Well, It sure was a Surprise and it really made my day finding it...
I have emailed Corky to express my thanks
and it has renewed my efforts at updating the "Nguyen Charlie" 170th web pages.

I Hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I did... Henry
and again my Thanks goes to Corky for the continued support...

Here are the Web Links to Corky's Web Site and Book Store, buy a "Encores" book and tell him the 170th sent you...
Corky's Web Site
Corky's Book Store